About Me

About ten years ago, it occurred to me that I should really start figuring this cooking thing out. I think it was some mixture of wanting to make good use of the hours I poured into watching Good Eats and realizing I was about to be completely on my own for food, so I won’t pretend it was a particularly inspired decision!

Thanks to all that Alton Brown-y goodness, I’d developed an appreciation for the “scientific” side of cooking. Recipes could be broken down, examined, and learned from. Techniques didn’t just have to be arcane steps dictated by someone’s great-grandmother eighty years ago; instead, things happened in cooking for real reasons, and those reasons could be learned and applied!

So, I started doing just that. Cooking, eating, and learning. I’d see something I liked and wanted to make, and research the ever-loving heck out of it, then just keep cooking it till I got it right–or decided it was better to just buy at a restaurant!

In the intervening decade, I’ve found a lot of neat things out and wound up making some pretty tasty food that I’ve had a lot of pleasure sharing with my friends and family. Said friends and family started bugging me to start a blog, and I realized that hey–maybe I really should. I’d been reading other people’s blogs, and watching cooking shows, and buying cookbooks, etc. for so long–wasn’t it time I start to contribute a little, myself?

So consider Learn To Food my best attempt to pay back everyone who’s ever taught me anything at all about food and cooking. . . by paying it forward to a whole new generation of cooks!